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Here's our focus

  • Educate

    Here you will learn to recognize the pattern. Develop an understanding of what you should be looking for when coming to the chats. Gain confidence when on the charts. Teachings with a simple and concise concept

  • Execute

    Using Entry Mastery practices we help you figure out your signature trade. We aren't just profitable we are CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE, that's what makes the difference in our FINANCIAL FREEDOM

  • Expand

    After mastery of the Market Maker System, Expand your Knowledge learning to trade other markets, Higher time frames, even other systems. Master one thing move to master the next

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Are you ready to finally scale your trading business to the next level and surpass every one of your stretch goals?

What Past Clients Are Saying About Our Courses

Shaneeshiann Burrows

The B-ALL-IN Bootcamp has connected the dots for me even more!!! I am more confident with my trades and only trade what I see!!! Sticking to the rules is definitely a must and this is what I do. I am not afraid of stop loss anymore and my tp's hit more than stop loss. I am very grateful for you Zea and the entire Wealth Manner team. Continue to change lives!!!! May God continue to protect, bless and favor each of you. I am confident that this is a platform that will help the kingdom of God for his glory and honor!!!

Rhonda Graham

Boot camp was an eye opener for me and taught me more in two weeks than I learned in the 8 months prior. I’m trading in blue instead of red and I’m confident when i get into my trades as i understand the pattern that I’m looking for.

Latina Sabb

I have become more confident in identifying entries off EMAs. I am focusing on learning the patterns and movements of correlating pairs to execute multiple profitable trades in multiple pairs. I have increased my live trading acct by $100 a week at .05 lot size.

Demetrius Lewis

I now understand what is going on when coming to the charts and what I am seeing. Before when I lost trades, I didn't know why. Now, for the most part, I do because I now understand price action moves a certain way and is not controlled by retail traders. I feel more confident when trading.


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